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Imagine you could observe the night sky while sitting comfortably on the couch. A home planetarium from Sega Toys turns this dream into reality!

The Homestar Flux is the most powerful and advanced model on the market to date. Externally, the Flux is based on an improved design of the well-proven Sega Toys Homestar Pro Original home planetarium: The Flux is designed in an elegant satin black finish and comes packed into a beautifully designed extremely sturdy box - an ideal gift!

But the Flux also boasts a wealth of features:

  • 5 watt LED means more light for brighter stars
  • advanced optical elements, such as multilevel glass lenses and a precise focusing wheel, mean a brilliant projected image!
  • the rotation simulating the night sky's rotation is silent - meaning much more relaxed observing! The direction of rotation can be reversed, depending on whether the northern or the southern sky is to be simulated.
  • USB cable with plug-in mains adapter for power supply via a power bank or simply via a mains power outlet
  • improved meteor feature - shooting stars appear as the night sky rotates. Wish for something!

The Homestar Flux projects 60,000 stars onto the ceiling, and you can choose from various optional discs! The projection distance is 140 to 270 centimetres.

The timer function is also very useful - the built-in timer can be optionally set to 15, 30 or 60 minutes. So the planetarium can turn off automatically should you fall asleep under the stars.

As well as the planetarium with its power plug, two discs are also included. These show the northern starry sky both with and without constellation markings.

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Home Homestar Flux Planetarium

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